accessiBe – A Web Accessibility Solution for Building ADA Compliant and Accessible Websites at Scale

accessiBe – A Web Accessibility Solution for Building ADA Compliant and Accessible Websites at Scale

With a lot of sites owners getting taken legal action against over web accessibility-related problems , the last thing you desire is for your customers to deal with the very same issues.After all, if your firm developed their site and they got demanded not being ADA certified, then that puts your company in a bad light.

The legal problems come from breaching the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements — — which need that locations of public lodging, consisting of the web, supply equivalent access to individuals with impairments.

The catch is, producing sites for your customers that completely abide by the ADA requirements can be pricey, lengthy, labor-intensive, and can restrict the website’’ s style– that is, if you ’ re utilizing the manual web availability path or if you’’ re counting on web availability plugins just.

The most affordable, trusted, and practical service you can require to secure your customers versus ADA-related suits is to utilize a platform like accessiBe , a web availability option that’’ s automated and AI-powered. With accessiBe ’ s automated option, you can quickly produce fully-accessible sites that adhere to the ADA and still meet customer requirements in regards to style, marketing objectives, and more.

In this evaluation, we’’ ll check out the tools and functions of accessiBe, and how the platform can assist your company develop available sites for your customers.

.Initially, what is accessiBe?

accessiBe is an AI-powered automatic web ease of access option that can make your customer sites certified and available with the ADA requirements and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG).

accessiBe’’ s AI innovation scans and evaluates your customer site ’ s structure and other aspects to identify the level of significance according to context to make the website available.

Plus, with accessiBe’’ s totally personalized user interface functions, you can quickly select sizes, placing, colors, icons, and more.

accessiBe’’ s functions will not just let you develop certified and available sites however likewise assist guarantee that your customer websites can supply perfect services for users who require it — — such as those who are visually-impaired and struggle with cognitive dysfunctions.

Whether your customer is a start-up sticking to web ease of access requirements by following the suggestions for establishing a small company or a huge brand name revamping the site, utilizing accessiBe can assist make the procedure of making WCAG and ADA certified websites quicker and easier.

But we’’ ve only simply scratched the surface area on what accessiBe can do, so let’’ s dive deeper into its performances and functions for web ease of access.

.The background part for web availability.

Creating available sites can need hours and even days of difficult coding simply to ensure your customer’’ s website is WCAG 2.1 and ADA certified.


You ’ ll likewise require to make the needed modifications when you include brand-new material to the site and whenever the website goes through an upgrade.

accessiBe, nevertheless, can take the heavy work off your hands with its AI-powered innovation that runs in the background.

accessiBe’’ s background app consists of keyboard navigation and screen reader performances frequently utilized by blind and motor-impaired individuals — — which assist respond to the ADA and WCAG 2.1 requirements and other legislation.

Here’’ s how this accessiBe part can assist you with web availability.

.Keyboard navigation changes.

People with motor disabilities might be restricted to utilizing just the keyboard to utilize sites.

accessiBe assists your customer sites address this requirement through keyboard navigation changes that permit users to close popups utilizing the escape secret.

The platform likewise enables handicapped users to browse menu dropdowns with the keyboard arrows, and utilize the Tab and Shift+ Tab secrets to check out links and buttons.

Once you set up accessiBe on your customer website, users can strike the tab secret, and they can pick to switch on the availability user interface or switch on the screen-reader and keyboard navigation mode.

This sets off accessiBe to make it possible for an available mode that quickly uses all the essential code modifications that make your customer site completely available utilizing the keyboard.

Users can likewise utilize the fast navigation menu to rapidly avoid in between pages and areas to get to the locations they desire without requiring to go through the whole site.

With accessiBe, your customer site ends up being completely available for keyboard navigation by merely enabling users to switch on the ease of access mode when you have actually the option set up.

.Screen reader optimization.

accessiBe’’ s screen reader optimization function customizes HTML aspects utilizing Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) associates, including tags, and using habits modifications based upon the web aspect states and performances.

The ARIA characteristics and tags supply complete context for blind users who are utilizing screen readers when they are engaging with your customer’’ s site — permitting much better UX.


With accessiBe made it possible for on your customer site, users can switch on the screen reader change utilizing Alt +1 and get significant context and precise alt-text descriptions.

That being stated, accessiBe’’ s AI innovation discovers your customer site and designates various habits and ARIA associates based upon the web availability standards and finest practices.

The platform likewise utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) innovations and image acknowledgment to supply your web images with precise text descriptions — — permitting in-depth ““ checking out ” for blind users utilizing screen readers.

accessiBe’’ s AI scans and examines your customer site’’ s aspects and structure, and immediately makes ease of access changes to enable efficient keyboard navigation and screen reader optimization for motor-impaired and blind users.

.Available interface.

accessiBe’’ s foreground application offers an available interface that can assist visually-impaired individuals, those with cognitive disabilities, the senior, and more.

The platform’’ s availability user interface can assist your customer sites respond to the style and UI requirements for ease of access by supplying performances that let users change the material, screen, navigation, and color alternatives of the website.

For circumstances, accessiBe’’ s Accessibility Adjustments user interface uses a Stop Animation function that permits users who have epilepsy to stop moving and blinking images on your customer site to prevent setting off a seizure.

accessiBe’’ s interface likewise provides other substantial availability changes, consisting of font type and size changes, big cursors, spacing, and colors (to name a few things).

Plus, the user interface offers an integrated slang, expression, and expression dictionary to assist the senior and those with cognitive disabilities to comprehend your customer website’’ s content much better.

The finest part about all of these functions is you won’’ t requirement to do any difficult coding or develop sites around available functions.

You won’’ t likewise require to make huge modifications to the style of your customer sites with accessiBe’’ s completely automated and AI-powered web ease of access innovation to make the website available.

With the standard setup technique, all you require to do is embed a single line of JavaScript to your customer site’’ s system, and after 48 hours, the website ends up being certified and totally available with the ADA Title III and the WCAG 2.1 requirements .

accessiBe likewise scans your site every 24 hours to make sure that your customer site stays certified at all times.


In a nutshell, accessiBe can make the procedure of structure and upgrading available sites for your customers quicker and easier. Plus, with accessiBe, you can guarantee that your customer websites are certified with the wcag and the ada — — which assists keep you from getting taken legal action against over accessibility-related legal problems.

Although producing customer sites that abide by ease of access requirements utilizing accessiBe can need a little bit of a financial investment, it can be worth more than dealing with claims and possibly losing countless dollars. accessiBe likewise supplies an included bonus offer by using collaboration programs for customer recommendations, reselling, association plans, and occasion and course partnerships. Through this program, every site you describe accessiBe will make you a 20% commission of the purchase worth. It’’ s a great deal

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