Additive Industries CEO Daan Kersten Steps Down as Firm Receives $14M Investment

Additive Industries CEO Daan Kersten Steps Down as Firm Receives $14M Investment

One of a more recent generation of metal laser powder bed combination (PBF) makers, Additive Industries is continuing to proliferate. The most recent news is a $14 million financial investment from its existing investor, Highlands Beheer. With the funds, the business intends to broaden its item portfolio, accelerate its technological advancement technique and support its working capital. This last usage for the financial investment is implied to make sure monetary strength for the business amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Outgoing Additive Industries CEO Daan Kersten (l) with Jonas Wintermans (r). Image thanks to Additive Industries.

Highlands has actually obtained the shares of the start-up’’ s CEO and co-founder, Daan Kersten, who will leave the business by June 30, 2020. In the interim, Chief Technology Officer Mark Vaes, who has actually been with Additive Industries given that 2013, will fill the function. Kersten stated of the choice:

““ This significant financial investment validates the long-lasting dedication of Highlands to the development aspirations of the business and it permits Additive Industries to make yet another substantial action on its objective to transform the efficiency for the additive production of top quality metal parts. After 8 extreme years of quick development I feel the time is best to give way and turn over the reins to brand-new management.””


The company has actually rapidly presented a modular metal PBF system with a high degree of automation and throughput. By lowering the requirement for operator intervention, the MetalFAB1 system has the ability to produce parts more quickly, with pre- and post-processing operations taking place in parallel to the construct task. The next action in its roadmap was the advancement with SMS Group of automated factories called the Scale4Series, in which parts can be printed and post-processed immediately. At the same time, Additive Industries has actually made a variety of high profile partners and customers, consisting of Airbus/APWORKS , Volkswagen and the Sauber F1 group .

Cutaway of the MetalFab1 from Additive Industries. Image thanks to Additive Industries.

As Highlands is increasing its share of the 3D printing company, it’’ s beneficial to discover a bit more about the business. Highlands now states that it owns Additive Industries, in addition to a stogie equipment producer, ATD Machinery , and NTS Group, which produces optomechatronic systems and mechanical modules for initial devices makers. Remarkably, the CEO of NTS is likewise stepping down this August.

A making of the Scale4Series in advancement by Additive Industries and SMS Group. Image thanks to Additive Industries.

Highlands is owned by the Wintermans, a Dutch household that ran and established Royal Agio Cigars, among the biggest stogie production companies in Europe, prior to offering it to Scandinavian Tobacco Group in 2015. The household divvied up 10 million Euros amongst its workers as a part of the offer. Highlands keeps its ATD organisation, suggesting that it will continue to concentrate on the tech side of stogie making, however its financial investment in Additive Industries and its ownership of NTS Group symbolizes an ongoing shift in the household’s organisation operations in general, which formerly had actually been making stogies given that 1904. The sale of Royal Agio appears to recommend that the shift of Highlands from a stogie business to a tech business is near total.

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