Careers and Jobs in the Fitness Industry in India

Careers and Jobs in the Fitness Industry in India

The physical fitness market in India has actually been seeing a huge development in the previous couple of years. According to Google, there were 20 million special month-to-month look for ‘‘ physical fitness near me ’ in 2019. Profits in the Fitness sector totals up to US$ 2,190 m in 2020 and has actually got a user-base of 167.1 million.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the physical fitness market and physical fitness trainers (freelance &&utilized) have actually been struck hard by the closure of fitness centers and physical fitness. Some of the crucial gamers have actually been fast (and visionary) to change to the online mode even prior to the coronavirus stage.

So, is the physical fitness market in crisis? Is the physical fitness sector truly recession-proof? What are the profession scopes in the physical fitness market? For this post, we have Jitendra Chouksey (aka JC), who has earlier shared his story of profession modification after engineering ( when FITTR was utilized to be SQUATS), is back to inform us on the professions and tasks in the physical fitness market.

.Professions and Jobs in the Fitness Industry.

.By Jitendra Chouksey, Founder &&CEO, Fittr.


 Career Change after Engineering - Jitendra Chouksey

COVID-19 has actually impacted everybody on earth. The entire world has actually struck the time out button as all of us wait with bated breath for some type of reprieve.

A couple of days back, news broke in media about how business and organisations had actually begun laying off individuals in stockpiles. Those who still work requirement to handle pay cuts. Unpredictability towers above the economy and the concern on everybody’’ s lips is: will we make it through?

I become part of the physical fitness market which has actually been struck especially severely. Health clubs are closed, and coaches and fitness instructors lack tasks. Worldwide health club chains have actually applied for personal bankruptcy while regional health clubs deal with an unpredictable future.

At a time like this, when everybody else has actually been sounding the death knell for the physical fitness market, I hold a contrarian view:

I strongly think that the physical fitness market is recession-proof and will emerge more powerful than ever prior to!

Let me discuss.

.The Fitness Industry: Crisis Point or Opportunity?

The physical fitness market is going through among its hardest stages. Health clubs all over are closed and there is no sign that they’ll be opening anytime quickly. Even when they do open, we expect 2 things to take place:

.Individuals would hesitate to go back to the health club due to the absence of social distancing and the threat of infection.Fitness centers might go through a variety of limitations such as exercise by visit just, less individuals enabled on the fitness center flooring, limited timings, and so on

Opening a health club has actually constantly been a dangerous financial investment – – devices, lease, and wages can make a big damage in a business’s pocket and as we have actually seen in some current cases, the lockdown is requiring business to cut incomes and lay off individuals. Keeping capital is going to be a substantial concern for these setups and the market requires to discover a method and introspect out.

And I think that Fittr has the response.

.The Future Is Online.

When Fittr released in 2016, a great deal of individuals were doubtful about our organisation design.

Fittr is an online physical fitness neighborhood where Coach and Client put on’’ t – physically satisfy– ever. The customer registers with a Fittr Coach who analyzes his/her existing state of health and his/her physical fitness objectives. Based on this info, a customized Diet Chart and Workout Chart are offered to the customer.

Fittr provides a variety of bundles –– from 12 weeks to 24 weeks to even for a complete year. All interactions in between customer and Coach occur online by means of Fittr App. He/she can call the Coach and get them solved if the customer has any concerns. The Coach not just supplies the charts however likewise assistance, inspiration, and –– above all –– responsibility.

People and ““ well-wishers ” informed us this wouldn’’ t work. Online physical fitnesswas a bad concept.



Cut to 2020 and Fittr is a $ 13 million dollar business and we’’ ve got here with absolutely no marketing. Our neighborhood has more than 850,000 members and we have actually assisted over 150,000 individuals get in shape and change their health.

How did we do it? We comprehended where the market was headed.

.Physical fitness: An Evergreen Industry.

No matter who you are or where you live, all of us wish to live a long life with a healthy body and sound mind. That’’ s what makes physical fitness an evergreen market.

What requires to alter, nevertheless, is the method the market runs. If customers are browsing the web for services, then that’’ s where Trainers and coaches require to be.

If social distancing makes it challenging to engage personally, then train your customers from another location.

.Jobs in the Fitness Sector.

The physical fitness sector is extremely broad. A few of the crucial task profiles are:

.Individual Trainer.Health Coach.Fitness center Trainer.Strength and Conditioning.Diet professional.Weight Reduction/ Weight Management Consultants.Physiotherapist.Sports Nutritionist.Crossfit Trainer.Physical Fitness Tech Engineer.Physical Fitness Apparel Designer.Physical Fitness Startup Partner/ CEO or Gym Chain.Physical Fitness Blogger/ YouTuber.

 professions and tasks in physical fitness sector Image Source: Unsplash

.How Fittr Works.

All Fittr Coaches are needed to finish the Foundation and Expert Courses used by the Institute of Nutrition &&Fitness Sciences (INFS), which is our training and evaluation arm.

On effective conclusion of the courses (which likewise consists of 4 weeks of hands-on customer handling) and after passing a series of interviews with our panel, an individual gets onboarded as a Fittr Coach.

All Fittr Coaches manage their customers online through the Fittr App.

Once a customer registers, the Coach has a preliminary call with them and comprehends their present state of health, physical fitness objectives, dietary and way of life practices, and all other pertinent aspects.

Then, the Coach styles a tailored Diet Chart and Training Chart for the customer.

Clients generally register for 12 weeks or 24 weeks. Over this period, the Coach follows up with the customer and guides, coaches, and inspires them through their physical fitness journey.

This design has actually worked very well for both the customers and the Coaches.


Coaches make a commission on their enrolments. These are the forecasted incomes after they sign up with Fittr:

.Entry Level: Rs. 40,000 – – 60,000 each month.After 3-5 years: Rs. 2,00,000 – – 3,00,000 monthly.After 7-10 years: Rs. 5,00,000 – – 8,00,000 monthly.

So far, Fittr has more than 200 Coaches on its platform and has actually changed over 150,000 individuals. This is a testimony to the reality that customers want to embrace brand-new methods of getting fit and connecting with their Coaches. In a post-COVID world, this is going to be the method the physical fitness market would need to run.

Folks who are interested to end up being a physical fitness coach can visit this page .

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