Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on digital consumption: A marketing perspective

Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on digital consumption: A marketing perspective

While the world continues to reside in lockdown, the effect of the unique coronavirus is bringing extraordinary modifications in the behaviour and practices of individuals in regards to media and home entertainment usage, consisting of however not restricted to digital platforms, tv, news, and so on. Individuals are taking in more online material even while cooking, working out, or working from house throughout these uncommon times.

 digital material

The apparent shifts that have actually been reported up until now from the effect of coronavirus pandemic on digital usage are:

Video streaming/OTT platforms

A WPP report on &#x 2018; Impact of COVID-19 on customers &&brand names &#x 2019; recommends that the video-streaming platforms have actually seen over 113 percent increase in the variety of typical users because the across the country lockdown.

Various video-streaming platforms are taking a look at the development in a comparable pattern throughout the pandemic, with the accessibility of time, concentrated attention and non reusable costs power.

Social media platforms

Coronavirus has socially distanced individuals, however social networks has actually brought the neighborhood a lot more better. The rise in making use of social networks platforms has actually been approximated at 82 percent as it ends up being the main medium of interaction and home entertainment throughout the lockdown. The screen time invested in social networks will continue to grow as the users are publishing 352 percent more content, and are investing a typical 4 hours on the apps as compared to 1.5 hours formerly.


Online video games are ending up being favourites amongst the masses wanting to pass the time. A 76 percent rise in video gaming has actually likewise been kept in mind.


While individuals are secured their homes, ecommerce grocery platforms took it upon themselves to offer the clients with the basics. Significant brand names are presently providing over 283,000 orders every day &#x 2013; and this reveals the quantity of time being invested in these ecommerce apps.

Digital Disruption &&Reverse Migration

Despite the kind of material being taken in, a clear observation can be made that every generation is extremely based on digital platforms/channels to keep themselves sidetracked or notified throughout the lockdown.

While we see that a great deal of time is being invested in digital platforms, this develops an enormous chance for online marketers who accommodate both B2B and B2C sectors of the market to engage and tap with possible consumers.

The present situation is rather reassuring for brand names throughout all domains, as they have actually had the ability to engage and interact with their target market meaningfully, developing lasting relationships.

Brands are taking advantage of OTT gamers, social networks, and video gaming platforms as an ad platform given that individuals are getting regular of these platforms. Even more, there is a most likely circumstance where individuals of all generations &#x 2013; Gen X, Gen Z and the millennials &#x 2013; will flourish on digital intake, making it the brand-new typical.

In reality, brand name online marketers have an edge in this scenario, as even when the lockdown ends, individuals are most likely to stay at home taking in online material &#x 2013; which suggests that there is a not likely situation where individuals invest less time hanging out at public locations post-COVID-19.

During the pandemic, different markets have actually been having a hard time to discover a method to get in touch with their audience and are losing their brand name existence. Digital media platforms are using higher, improved and more targeted reach within the budget plan of the brand names. Platforms like WhatsApp, Jio and Facebook have actually come together to assist the regional area kirana shops reach to their consumers.

While we take a look at the sped up adoption of digital media usage, we need to likewise watch any reverse migration that recommends that individuals will return to taking in conventional cable television, news and so on. We can see that the possibilities of the reverse migration are lower as compared to the most current patterns if we look at it carefully. The growth in online intake pattern is originating from not simply from Tier-I cities however likewise Tier-II and Tier-III cities.

As individuals pick to remain at house, physical/social connection will exist amongst individuals in parallel with a virtual presence as they share memes or brand-new film suggestions. Digital media tiredness may drive away individuals from utilizing the platforms, individuals will continue to purchase fundamentals or order food from ecommerce sites, and link through video calls.

How will brand names approach the clients post-COVID-19?

Brands are curating amazing material to satisfy the increased material intake, and are concentrating on producing a nimble strategy that not just engages or amuses individuals however likewise empathises and assists individuals associate with the remainder of the neighborhood. A few of the patterns that will be discovered:

Video- streaming material will provide more complimentary material, as numerous movies will avoid movie theater releases.Virtual trips, virtual experiences, virtual-learning and virtual relations will form an essential part of the brand-new normal.More home-produced material will keep the population captivated and provide something to look forward to.Online content-streaming platforms will look for financial investment to accommodate the enhanced need for online streaming material.

The correct management of digital material will bring in a lot more consumers to the video-streaming platforms &#x 2013; for trailers, conversations, investigates; social networks platforms &#x 2013; for sharing, promoting and connecting; and otherwise, brand names will digitally change to satisfy the requirements.

The increase of clients on these platforms will enable them to provide replaced rates to enable the brand names to curate innovative material and join their target market in great deals.

The course forward

Augmented intake of digital media &#x 2013; be it OTT platforms, video gaming, news, or social networks channels &#x 2013; is ending up being the brand-new regular as social distancing is followed worldwide. As the world is turning digital, it is increasing the bandwidth for the brand names to reach a broader and worldwide audience.

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Brand online marketers are taking a look at engaging and engaging with different specific niche sections of their target audience through different digital marketing tools such as ecommerce advertisements, in-game advertisements, social networks advertisements, OTT advertisements, and more.

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