Mumbai Woman’s Startup Sells 300+ Organic Foods From 10,000+ Farmers!

Mumbai Woman’s Startup Sells 300+ Organic Foods From 10,000+ Farmers!

Mumbai-based business owner Ruchi Jain matured in a family that revered fresh harvest. She saw how her mom put enormous believed into what wound up on her household’’ s plates.


“ My mom was really specific about the food we consumed. The focus was constantly on consuming natural and fresh fruit and vegetables which we grew in your home. We have a food forest at house itself where there are trees like moringa, amla, guava, mulberry amongst others,” ” smiles the 33-year-old with a Master’s degree in Environment Change and Management from Oxford University.

Ruchi’s post-Masters deal with a World Bank job took her to the rural landscapes throughout India which even more contributed to her pre-existing understanding base of ecological problems and the predicament of the Indian farmers.

Ruchi with farmers from Assam from whom she sources various ranges or rice.

This understanding and respect for nature, and the perceptiveness of the effort of India’’ s farmers equated into a start-up which would go on to effect over 10,000 farmers in 14+ states.

Founded in 2016, Taru Naturals is the symptom of Ruchi’’ s knowings. The start-up offers natural fruit and vegetables like turmeric, jaggery, rice, pulses sourced from farmers throughout Maharashtra, Karnataka, Assam, Kerala, and Uttarakhand to name a few. It assists farmers develop market linkages and guarantee a constant stream of earnings.

They source over 50 tonnes of natural fruit and vegetables in a year! Not simply that, they have more than 300 various type of items on their platform and in addition to providing to consumers, they likewise take bulk orders and deal with over 70+ dining establishments and coffee shops throughout the nation!

A couple of items offered by Taru Naturals based in Mumbai.

In reality, on Women’s Day, i.e. March 8 this year, this young female business owner’’ s effort discovered reference in NITI Aayog’’ s list of 15 females changing India. Another plume in their cap was the Conde Nast Brand of the Year Award in 2019.

.From a Climate Change Advocate to a Successful Entrepreneur.

““ I wished to produce awareness and assist individuals acknowledge the fantastic active ingredients that exist on our land. At the exact same time, I likewise wished to operate at the grassroots and there was no much better method to cause change than by empowering farmers since I genuinely think they are the very first business owners we have actually had in our nation,” ” she states.


Despite this enthusiasm to bring a modification in individuals’’ s lives at the grassroots level, and her eager interest in farming and food, it wasn’’ t a course Ruchi had actually at first searched for.

. Ruchi with her mama Dr. Poonam Jain (who is the co-founder) and a farmer.

Once she had actually finished her Bachelor’’ s in Political Science from St. Xavier’’ s College, Mumbai in 2008, she signed up with the Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN) where she worked for over 2 years. Wishing to contribute to her ecological understanding, she pursued her Master’’ s in Environment Change and Management from Oxford University in 2010.

Soon after, she signed up with a World Bank job where various company designs were being evaluated for the scalability of off-grid renewable resource options. When she took a trip throughout states like Assam, Uttarakhand, and Maharashtra, this is.

Although she dabbled the concept of a profession in the Civil Services as a method to serve the marginalised, she chose to stop her task in October 2014 and pursue the objective through her own endeavor.

.Dealing With Failures prior to Cementing her Ground.

There were a lot of alternatives and Ruchi checked out all of them prior to lastly zeroing on offering natural foodgrains, spices, and oils sourced from farmers all over India.

At initially, she was offering and freelancing consultancy services on jobs including topics like females’’ s entrepreneurship, renewable resource to name a few. She likewise continued to take a trip throughout towns in the nation to comprehend what her topic of focus would be.

““ At initially, I saw that a great deal of females in rural families did not have access to cookstoves and they would mainly utilize chulhas. I believed I might work on supplying tidy cookstoves. I quickly understood that this isn’’ t the finest concept for money circulations and with increasing LPG connections in the rural location, this did not make sense. I dumped it,” ” states Ruchi.


Next, she believed she would check out a microfinance start-up or begin a business that handled solar lighting systems.

““ But, I simply’couldn ’ t find out how to set about it. At one point, I was truly considering what I was finishing with my life,” ” she states. ’Ruchi ’ s farm check outs did not stop and this was the conserving grace. She occurred to check out Phaltan in Satara and spoke with farmers there. It is here where she understood that what the farmers required market linkages and she might use that.

Different ranges of rice sourced from North- East India.

Ruchi chose to begin exploring by very first selling jaggery to see how individuals reacted to the item. With a financial investment of Rs. 2,000 she purchased 20 kgs of jaggery which she loaded in the house and offered to her buddies and family members by means of WhatsApp.

Within a week, whatever was offered out and this pressed her to explore this concept even more. She gradually began obtaining more produce like dals, rice, atta, millets and began offering it in fairs and pop-ups in early 2015.

““ It achieved success and all the items were offered out in 3 days. That increased my self-confidence and I seemed like I was moving towards the best instructions,” ” remembers Ruchi. She established Taru Naturals in May 2016 which was later on nurtured by UnLtd India, an organisation that supports social business owners.

She chose to concentrate on a couple of items like turmeric and jaggery. The jaggery was powdered and packaged in sachets to be offered in dining establishments and coffee shops. Gradually, she likewise began offering fresh fruit and vegetables like mangoes, grapes, pomegranates, and various type of veggies.

Buckwheat pancakes made by a client who has actually attempted their items.

But, due to the fact that she was brief on personnel and was running a B2C design, it ended up being challenging for her to handle operations.

““ I would need to go myself to the train station and get the fresh fruit and vegetables that farmers sent out across. I would even provide them on my own and it was getting truly challenging. This is when I understood that when you are a little business with minimal resources, you can not offer items wholesale,” ” states Ruchi. At one point, she felt so scorched out that she wished to give up business entirely.

But, she chose to take an action back and looked for assistance from Dr. Prabhakar Rao, scientist and farmer, who she satisfied through the Art of Living Foundation that she belonged of. Ruchi took a break and while Taru’’ s operations were being managed by her sibling. She remained on Dr. Prabhabhakar’’ s farm for 6 months discovering how to grow food and finding out how she would tackle her company upon her return.

.Restored Focus and Reinventing her Company.

Upon her return, she chose to entirely stop offering fresh fruit and vegetables and focus more on offering dry items or items where worth addition was possible. She started sourcing 10 various ranges of wheat, together with honey from West Bengal, various rice ranges from Assam, mushrooms, and saffron from J&K, spices, coconut milk, and oil from Kerala amongst numerous other items.

.View this post on Instagram.

Today was an extraordinary day. We were welcomed for a supplier fulfill at Taj Palace for a Diwali hinder item setup. We will constantly remember this day, considering that we learnt knee deep water, to reach workplace, combated rush hour and reached Taj Palace, in some way. And it was such an experience to satisfy other suppliers and their gorgeous display screen. Completely taken pleasure in showing TARU table. We utilized our imaginative juices and came away with a lot to discover. Thank you @tajmahalmumbai for such a terrific chance. Take a look at our lovely display screen! Simply this one occurrence has actually provided us a lot self-confidence to work more on our obstructs. We have actually chosen to do gorgeous Diwali obstructs for this year. Keep an eye out for joyful hinders on our Instagram. Taru items are offered for sale on,, @naturesbasket and @delibytheblue

A post shared by TARU Naturals (@tarunaturals) on Jul 1, 2019 at 11:38 am PDT

One of the crucial components she began offering was top quality black rice from Assam which was a huge game-changer for the business owner.

““ Camellia Panjabi, a Michelin star restaurateur based out of London, occurred to taste a black rice meal prepared from grains we were providing to Mockingbird Cafe Bar. She quickly contacted us and bought 500 kgs of black rice! Getting ready for that delivery taught me a lot about guaranteeing appropriate quality checks and it took me 3 months to close the order,” ” she states.


There was no recalling for Taru Naturals after that. Not just did they contribute to their variety of items, however they likewise began providing to over 70 dining establishments and coffee shops, consisting of Taj Palace in Mumbai. At the exact same time, they were likewise accommodating online orders and repaired their logistics and developed a group of 11 individuals in overall who assisted handle various elements of the operations. On the tech front, they established a correct site and set payment entrances that assisted them effectively handle their orders.

Ruchi and her mom while getting the Conde Nast award.

Slowly, they established a little production system for value-added items. They continued product packaging the jaggery powder in sachets and made turmeric lattes, moong dal chilla, and pancake blends which are gluten-free and consisting of healthy components like millets.

Not simply that, by 2019, orders from abroad likewise began flooding in. They started exporting 6 tonnes of turmeric to the United States in a year! They likewise began exporting their pancake blends and turmeric lattes to Dubai.

.Developing Impact and Marching Forward.

It has actually not been a smooth trip for Ruchi however with determination and focus, she had the ability to conquer the preliminary obstacles that led the way for smooth operations. In all of this, nevertheless, it is the farmers in association with them who have actually benefited significantly.

Take 34-year-old Mallikarjun Suresh Desai. The farmer is based out of Bedkihal town in Karnataka’’ s Belgaum district and has an 11-acre natural farm. He has actually been connected with Taru Naturals for the previous 4 years. Now every year, he provides about 500 to 700 kgs of wheat, 250 kgs of jaggery, 40 kg and 5 kg of turmeric powder and ginger powder respectively.

.View this post on Instagram.

Tasting session &&Organic Farmers market at Nature'' s Basket, Bandra.

A post shared by TARU Naturals (@tarunaturals) on Jun 1, 2019 at 7:32 pm PDT

““ I believe the very best part is that there is a routine supply chain and they provide us a great cost for our items. Even when we require aid on the technical front connected to farming, we talk to them and they assist us. They likewise assist us make sure that the quality of the items we send them is of great quality by setting high requirements,” ” he states. Mallikarjun is simply among the 10,000 farmers in Taru Natural’’ s network who practice farming on naturally licensed farms.

Richi shares a couple of words of inspiration for budding business owners.

““ Persistence is the most essential. As long as you deal with vision, enthusiasm, and decision, you will not stop working. There will be competitors however if your cause is pure and essential, you will prosper. Constantly think in yourself and mind management is necessary. Prioritise your psychological health and handle tension with meditation,” ” she states.


Ruchi has actually likewise been keeping very hectic nowadays. She has actually been raising cash to contribute relief plans for farmers in her network throughout this hard time. These plans consist of food products like atta, dal, rice, security, and oil masks to name a few.

Women operating at Taru Naturals’ system.

She has actually likewise been using this time in determining her prepare for the future. Ruchi notifies that they are dealing with producing items utilizing healthy active ingredients that are typically understood to increase resistance. They are likewise dealing with releasing items for kids.

““ My objective is to deal with little scale farmers’ ’ neighborhoods. I wish to assist them end up being climate-resilient and self-reliant. The objective would likewise be to bring conventional ranges of food into the spotlight. I aim that Taru Naturals ends up being a popular natural brand name that can depict our worths to the remainder of the world,” ” she states signing off.

Rapid-fire:.* A business owner you appreciate.Ans: My dad who runs his own company

* New tech that can change the future of small companies.Ans: E-commerce and QR codes for items

* One worth that can assist small companies prosper.Ans: Trust and Transparency

* Your preferred book.Ans: I am presently checking out Ashtavakra Gita and I rather like it

* In my spare time I Hellip &____;.Ans: Practise meditation, do gardening, research study on food developments, run and travel.

* Before this interview I was ____ ….Ans: Coordinating and checking out a book with individuals for COVID-19 associated relief work.

* Something they wear’’ t teach in college however is necessary to run an organisation is.Ans: Practical abilities that are required to handle day to obstacles while running an organisation.

* One concern I constantly ask individuals while working with is ____ ….Ans: An issue they dealt with in the past and how they fixed it

* Best recommendations you ever got is to ____ ….Ans: Show thankfulness and acknowledge the truth that life is larger than little issues.

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