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This startup now has millions in no-strings-attached money because one of Silicon Valley’s most famous VC firms had to walk away from the deal

Finix .Finix, a start-up that allows other start-ups to handle their payments stack internal, revealed that a person of its financiers was leaving, returning its equity and board seat to the business..Sequoia Capital had actually led the payments start-up’s Series B round in February, in which Finix raised $35 million, however later on informed Finix […]

Week in Review: Pet startups will be the death of Silicon Valley

Hey everybody. Thank you for inviting me into your inboxes yet once again. I’m in Berlin where TechCrunch simply managed another terrific Disrupt occasion, we’ve got a great deal of excellent Europe-focused start-up material on the website so get to scrolling if your interest is stimulated. If you’re reading this on the TechCrunch website, you […]